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A senior CIA analyst has offered a rare public glimpse into American intelligence analysis of China. Michael Collins deputy assistant director and head of the agency’s East Asia mission center believes more attention should be focused on China and that recent public angst about Russia is distracting America from the threat posed by China.

美国中央情报局(CIA)的一名高级分析师罕见地公开了一份美国对中国的分析情报。迈克尔R26;柯林斯(Michael Collins))副助理主任,东亚任务中心(East Asia mission center)负责人认为,应该将更多的注意力集中在中国上,最近公众对俄罗斯的担忧让美国从中国造成的威胁中分心。

“There’s been a lot of talk about Russia as a competitor a country that sees the liberal international order as something they don’t necessarily subscribe to that is actively engaged in trying to undermine US influence in various areas around the world and that has [the] capability to do it” Collins said at a security forum in Aspen Colorado.   “I would argue China applies to all three of those as well and increasingly has more power to do far more about that issue.”


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Collins noted that while Russia has been creating problems for the United States internationally Moscow also finds US-China tensions to its liking.

“It very much helps Russia that China’s a problem for the United States” he said. “So even when we’re just thinking about the Russia problem for the United States I would submit that today it’s very convenient and helpful for the Russians to know that the Chinese also have a conflictual relationship with the United States and they can sort of back each other up.”



From the CIA’s point of view China is undermining the US-led international order that has brought peace and stability in Asia over the past 40 years. Beijing is seeking to usurp American power and influence in the region.

China-US competition is not limited to Asia but is also visible around the world Collins said pointing to China’s recent launch of a major military base on the strategic Horn of Africa in Djibouti. The Chinese base is located close to the US military’s based in the same nation.





TT15 hours ago

Absolutely correct. China is posing threats to India Japan S korea Vietnam Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Taiwan USA and all peace loving countries in the world .

John16 hours ago

Yes. China is a bigger threat. The US should NEVER have allowed so much of our technology and manufacturing to go to this country. More than ever it is important for US citizens to BOYCOTT Chinese goods.

Lolllll16 hours ago

Chinese are the biggest gangs of Thieves they stole technology and copy everything and make a new product out of it.

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edward15 hours ago

No shist Dick Tracy. Russia wants Eastern Europe. China wants the world. Interesting that so do the Muslims. Wonder how that will play out over the next few decades since both have hugely increasing populations and the rest of the world is declining. The good old days are forever gone. We may make America great for a short time but the rest of the world won't let us remain so.

Paul16 hours ago

don't think we needed this CIA revelation. It should be obvious to anyone. China=N. Korea=Iran=Pakistan all nuclear plus China building pseudo islands in the S. China Sea then you have Russia=Syria=Iran thanks to the previous administration. It's a bad World out there

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First17 hours ago

China is the world's greatest threat. The sooner the world crushes it out of existence the better.



nam17 hours ago

Finally CIA acknowledged the real true. US government and people should  realize this issue.



Another Day16 hours ago

Thank you for the assessment China was benefiting from US's attention on Russia. China is the biggest threat in the world today and the world must heed this warning. look at their thread to attack Vietnam's islands if Vietnam does not stop oil drilling in Vietnam's EEZ. China does not respect international law does not respect other nation's rights. China is a rouge nation.



chinh14 hours ago

Been saying it for years. Beware those Chinese smiles and protests of peace-loving conduct all the while encroaching on land and sea and and warning everyone in sight.



JOSE CARLOS15 hours ago

China and Russia are big big threats... trying to expand not only their territories but also their geopolitical influence through the whole world.



Gary15 hours ago

China is a young buck intent on making a name for itself. They are dangerous in that they are willing to use might to get their way. Agreements and law mean nothing to them.



dink_the_doughnut18 hours ago

Derrrrr they have all our latest technology.............



Peter15 hours ago

Chinese men are not masculine. They are also sneaky and dishonest.



Ta Ton15 hours ago

True that



Honest man15 hours ago

The biggest threat comes within - your own stupidity!



DrFlipChip15 hours ago

what Collins did not say is that China has been able to get away with all this ( huge trade surplus technology theft ) only because there is an all powerful group of people in this country that backs China over the US ! This group is composed of Wall St One Percenters ( responsible for pushing US Corp.s to outsource manufacturing to China even when the downsides were clear ) the Politicians on the Hill they control and even the Oval Office. This group of TRAITORS is led by Henry Kissinger the PAID AGENT of China who because of his religion does not have to register as a Foreign Agent ! War Criminal Henry has been to China 80 times in the last 35 years. He is 93 now but ran to Beijing weeks after Trump got elected got his instructions there then returned to the US to tempt and fool Trump with fake Chinese promise of restraining N. Korea got Trump to do a 180 degree on criticizing Communist China for its Trade practices.

Collins没有说的是,中国之所以能侥幸成功(巨额贸易顺差和技术盗窃)只是因为这个国家有一个强大的组织支持中国超越美国!这个组织由华尔街里大约百分之一的人(负责推动美国企业将工业制造外包到中国,即使这样做的坏处是显而易见的)和他们所控制的一些政客甚至是总统办公室组成。这个叛国组织由亨利基辛格( Henry Kissinger,美国伟大的外交家,他倡导缓和政策,使美苏之间紧张的关系得到缓解,并在中美建交中扮演了至关重要的角色,促成了中国的开放和新的世界战略格局的形成)这个中国的有偿代理人领导,且得益于他的宗教信仰而未表露出其叛国者的身份!战争犯亨利在过去的35年里去过中国80次。他现在90岁了,但在川普当选数周之后就跑到了中国,得到指示后又回到美国来诱惑和欺骗川普,使其相信中国所谓制裁北朝鲜的虚假承诺,因此对共.产中国贸易行为的批评态度发生180度转变。


Jimbo12 hours ago

Finally! Someone actually gets it!



bala15 hours ago

No doubt.



XinngPing13 hours ago

If there were a war with China now the US president/government would have 90% support from US citizens



Sam15 hours ago

Well combine China with Russia and the they become existential threat to us.



Ezio14 hours ago

This CIA analyst is a complete idiot as Fascist America is more of a threat to China and Russia than they are to us. N@zi America is the biggest threat to all of Humanity.



Peaceful16 hours ago

China will have a bigger problem when their man made islands wash out to the sea.



CHARLIE11 hours ago

Well of course China is a bigger threat. It doesn't take a genius

to understand that.



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gadfly13 hours ago

gadfly 0 seconds ago

Absolutely true; China is a much bigger threat than Russia but try telling that to the idiots in Congress.



Lorene14 hours ago

If one reads between the lines.

what if China and Russia join forces. Oops. They do have a pact and agreement. Now compare that to the USA and its controlled over "NATO".

Is war the only answer? So the USA wins the war China and Russia will not lose without using using all its nuclear warheads. So the population in the USA will drop from 350 million to a few million. What will the big companies do with no consumers left?

Thanks Yahoo news.



Kurtz11 hours ago

when are we going to destroy this filthy regime and allow the world to go forward instead of back a hundred years. this filthy toilet nation is destroying everything and must be stopped by all means necessary