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标题:Poverty Alleviation Graph



[–]cowrakshak 66

China truly deserves praise. The speed with which they brought the huge chunk of population out of poverty is unprecedented. It may have face some side affects as well, but the achievement can't be ignored.



By side effects you mean those tourists?



That's great and all except and China's the world Factory.


(尖括号内是世界空气最受污染城市排行榜,TOP20中国没上榜,但印度占了13个,这家伙大概想说发展迅速的副作用还有污染吧= =下方有长回复说明,非主题故略。)


We will also have to ignore our commitment to the environment, unfortunately this is not the best of times for that.



Vietnam seems to be doing very well too!


[–]slartibart_eatsalot 16

This is incredible. How did China achieve this?



What's incredible about it? Many countries have transitioned from low income to middle income.

It's also worth pointing that official statistics from China are hugely suspect - the number of people living in poverty is almost definitely under-reported.




Incredible is the scale of accomplishment. Its awful looking at comparatives. Why are numbers suspect? Alternate non - state funded mechanism to find true numbers?



Congress party is the reason why india still has so much poverty.



You do see that the Indian square started shrinking big time right? And the map ends at 2013. India will be where china is in next 10 years. India is taking people out of poverty at the fastest rate in the world right now


[–]AayushXFXKeep calm and kaam se kaam 10

Let's make more ways to suck tax from the middle class and let business owners think more about how to evade tax than actually work!



This is nothing. India will have 0 poor on 1st Jan 2022. Jai Hind.


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Man even Pakistan did better. Look at them go.


[–]Glorious_Comrade 43

I always have trouble believing socioeconomic data from China. I doubt that any international organizations are allowed to gather such data within the country, and whatever is reported by the government should be taken with several pinches of MSG.




I have been to China couple of times. Only o big cities of-course, so lot of poverty could be hiding elsewhere and in the outskirts. Nevertheless, downtown Shanghai seemed to dwarf Chicago from all I could tell ...

They may be fudging data, but there is no doubt they are doing much much better than India (and many others) at least in macroeconomic factors ... even if the fake data is ignored



[–]willyslittlewonkaMIT (Madarchod Institute of Technology)

Seriously...for those of you doubting this guy, spend some time in any of the top 5 Chinese megacities. It's like something out of the first world. Granted, I'm sure the majority of the country is still a shithole but they are decades ahead of us. Nowhere in India really compared to Guangzhou for me.


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We don't even have to bother with the Tier 1 cities. Most of the Tier 2 cities of China have better infrastructure than Delhi/Bangalore.



You need to go to the villages and the rural areas. Inf act China is now facing with issues surrounding ghost cities, where they are building cities, but people are not coming there.


[–]in3poopinion is free, but facts are sacred

India govt talks. China govt does.



I have said this many times in the past.

Since the civilization phase of the our species started nothing is worse than Poverty. NOTHING.